Boat Was Sold :(

Happy and Sad……

The end of summer is here ( that was quick ) and with that said, the boat is gone too; sold that is.

Even though I never got the motor running from being winterized years ago, I did do some small cosmetic improvements in the past year that came out nice.   Things like,

Looking at the front of a 20ft Stingray SS with its mooring cover on in storage.

Looking at the front of a 20ft Stingray SS bow-rider with its mooring cover on in storage.

repainted the stern drive, refinish the teak wood, install sport gauges, replace the marine plywood on a few cushions, replace some snaps on the fiberglass hull for the morning cover, and general cleaning/vacuuming of the interior.  This boat was nice and perfect for a family to ski, board, or just bask in the sun on.

Not going to lie, I’m going to miss this ‘baby.  Even though this sounds like an oldie, it had simple character and charm that only an 80’s boat have.  The hull, floor, interior, and paint was in great condition.  It still had original leather seats in it.  It was the motor or heart that needed some work.  A brand new motor (uninstalled) was in the 4k range or 8 times the price of what I paid for the boat with trailer, so I wasn’t to thrilled about going upside down of it at the end of the season and storing it for the past 12-months.

Personally, I’ve always wanted a boat for the past 25-years and the passion for owning one always magnified when at a lake or shoreline. The reason for this desire is multifaceted, for example, everybody on a boat always has a smile on their faces(even the pets do), having fun laughing together, meeting new people, or just relaxing in the sun while staying wet and with a cool beverage.

Moving forward, I still envision a watercraft of sort in my future.   Just not sure if it’ll be a PWC (jetski) or speed boat…..   I do know for “shore”,  it won’t be a sailboat… haha.  Nothing against sailboats, just not for me.   🙂

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