Good To Be The “King”


Fun photos of us bring goofy at the faire.

Carver, MA (October 20th, 2013) – What a cool place for a Sunday afternoon or any afternoon that its open.

I’ve heard about this show for years and years, but never got to it.  It was really Tami’s idea to go to this with a friend, so when she mentioned it, I was all over it.  Well, the friend didn’t end up make it based on her schedule and ours.

We witnessed live jousting knights and many side shows that were magical and cool to be at. Its just so different then the typical New England Fair this time of year.

Marcus and Tami in front of the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA

Marcus and Tami in front of the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA

So many people were dressed in medieval garp that we felt out of place not being suited up. Half of the fun in attending is to be dressed up next to Kings, Jesters, Oaf or Wenches. Everything being sold was like stepping back in time.  They sold all sorts of outfits or accessories for any type of costume you support.  Hey, you can even rent one there!  Bring your wallet full of cash tho, things aren’t cheap here.

Tami, had a great idea on my costume next year….   Yes, I will be supporting that Scottish kilt… .   I wonder what she’s wearing next year?  Any suggestions?  LMAO   🙂

P.s. We even got to see the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock!

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