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Weekend of Water Wackiness

Ashland, NH (May 31- June 2) – We spent the weekend in the NH White Mountains at a campsite called Jellystone Park Camp – Resort (http://abcamping.com/jellystonenh/) located in Ashland. The home of Yogi and Boo Boo. This park is known for the family fun atmosphere and the home of Adventure Zone. AZ is an inflatable paradise for kids and adults of all sizes. The largest of the bunch is Blue Crush which soars over 36 feet in height and has a slim waiting pool at the bottom the size of a small ship. Also, there’s two other slides call Hurricane and Obstacle, a course with a slide at the top.

Slide in Adventure Zone

Slide in Adventure Zone

This past weekend was a “scorcha” of hot weather. High in the 80`’s to low 90’s plus no site of a rain cloud in the sky anywhere. Also, its Jellystone’s theme “Wet ‘N Wild Weekend!” WATER EVERYWHERE! Get set to get wet everywhere you go!! Slip ‘n Slide, Water Gun Heyrides, Water Games. You couldn’t have picked better weather. Truely, it’s the first real warm spell in NH since last fall (ouch).

Our fun started Friday evening using the pool that was cold, but was refreshing with the hot and humid temperatures. It was convenient, our motorhome site was right across from the pool and snake bar.

Sat morning we started with a 2-hour kayak cruse up the Pemi River. Tami, Marcus and Jim rented our own kayaks and we paddled up the river and tipped over to stay cool in the crystal clear river. It was the first time for Tami and Marcus to be in a kayak. The river was so clear you could see the sandy bottom at all times. It was quiet and peaceful for most of the journey. I looked for frog, turtles, or any other wild life next to the shore on rock or trees that had fallen into the water. Besides a bird or Canadian goose fly over, I didn’t get to catch any animals sunbathing.. haha.

In the afternoon, we blew up our tubes and headed back down to the river. So we all stay together we tied them together to just float and drift with the lite current.

Come dinner time, we started a camp fire and cooked chicken, hamburgers, and veggies that can’t be beat for taste. That evening, we joined the rest of the campground for Candy Bingo. It was our first game when I hear Marcus scream out “BINGO”. The MC asked for him to come up to verify his card. He did and was asked to sit back down, as he did have a single straight line across correct, BUT he needed 2 other rows of numbers to be filled as well… To go without saying, he was a bit embarrassed! After bingo, we built a fire till about 10:30pm when we turned off the music and headed for the pillow.

We had a fun weekend together from doing pool activities to just hanging around the fire.

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